What is Sudarshanaloka? 

"Sudarshanaloka" means "Land of Beautiful (or Happy) Vision"   this Vision is not just about the beautiful view of the hills and water and native bush,  "Beautiful Vision" is also about Sangha working together to manifest their shared vision through collective work and practise...not just some abstract unreachable beauty, but the beauty of Sangha.

Sudarshanaloka is a Mandala of different people and activities including the Retreat Centre and resident Community;  Lotus Realm Gift and Music shop in Thames; Buddhaloka, the Buddhist Centre in Thames Township (upstairs in the Post office building); Buddhafield, an outreach and Festival team and a network of friendships that spreads across New Zealand and across the World which is the Triratna Buddhist Community

This Mandala grows with each person who forms a spiritual connection with Sudarshanaloka, whether by coming on Retreat, visiting the Community or maybe helping out in some other area. This mandala includes YOU TOO! Sudarshanaloka is all about POTENTIAL and working together to MANIFEST our shared ideals, this IS our Practise! Come and Practise with us.

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Sudarshanaloka has a new website! Visit NEW SUDARSHANALOKA WEBSITE . This will be the new official website for Sudarshanaloka replacing this .ning site completely in due course. Please check it out. You will be able to use links on there to book for retreats, and to view Solitary Cabin availability. It is a clean stylish looking site. Whilst I have enjoyed keeping this .ning site up to date, I am also keenly awaiting getting some of my free time back. Please start checking the new site for up to date retreat and event listings. Thanks for participating in this site, it has been great meeting some of you in person at Sudarshanaloka. Cheers, Ujjalamati.

Call the Community 07 868 5340 or email admin@sudarshanaloka.nz to find out how you can be involved in any projects coming up at Sudarshanaloka.

Donations and practical help with labour/ equipment and services are always needed   /  please call 07 868 5341 or email admin@sudarshanaloka.nz for bank account details and tax deductible donation receipts.



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+64 (0)78685340 Retreat Centre Community

+64 (0)78685341 Lotus Realm Office


Snail Mail: PO Box 538, Thames 3540, N.Z.

Hi! I'm Ujjalamati the Office Ninja for Lotus Realm & Sudarshanaloka I volunteer to keep this .ning site updated. PLEASE contact me at

lotusrealmtraders@gmail.com  with any EVENTS / RETREATS/ INFORMATION that needs listing on this site!



GUHYAVAJRA is a New Zealander who came in contact with Triratna in 1978 and ordained in 1985. Currently based in Stockholm Sweden working within the Triratna movement there. He also spends a lot of time up the Anatoki River, Takaka where he has a meditation hut on a large acreage of land that he shares with some friends. 

DHARMAMUDRA is an ordained Buddhist within the Triratna Buddhist Order and has spent over 30 years exploring Taiji and Chi Gong. He continues as a senior student to train and practice with Wee Kee Jin, the New Zealand based founder of the Taiji School of Central Equilibrium. As well as teaching and spending part of the year in the UK Dharmamudra also lives and works as a sculptor at Sudarshanaloka.

PENNY BROWNLEE Artist, educator, teacher of children and adults. Pennie has a lifelong love of learning and encouraging creativity in others.


AKASADAKA an ordained member of the Triratna Buddhist Order who specializes in mindfulness teaching, a discipline he has practiced for 20 years. Akasadaka has trained in secular mindfulness through Breathworks CIC and the Mindfulness in Schools program run by Oxford University. He also holds a Diploma of Facilitation from Zenergy Global.

GUHYASIDDHI learned meditation at the Auckland Buddhist Centre in 1981 after travelling the world seeking answers to some fundamental existential questions. Buddhism resolved these questions.

Guhyasiddhi was ordained in Tuscany in 1985, he has established several men's communities, managed and taught at the Grey Lynn centre. He currently works as a counsellor, leads men's study and is a member of the team responsible for the ordination training process for men in New Zealand and Australia.


For much of her life the outdoors and living with nature, especially New Zealand’s beautiful mountains, forests, rivers and coasts, has been where Erica has found her spiritual resonance and learnt how to navigate through the ups and downs of her life. She is currently training to be ordained in the Triratna Buddhist Order.

BHADRAKARI loves being on Retreat, and enjoys engaging Creative Mind in a playful expression of the Dharma. She is based in Auckland and loves clowning and playing


NITYADANA lives in Thames and is very involved in practical ways supporting Sudarshanaloka and also at Buddhaloka, where he regularly runs Monday Sangha nights. He loves meditation, music and poetry and also tinkering with mechanical things.

SILARATNA lives in Gisbourne and loves visiting Sudarshanaloka when he can to be on retreat with Sangha and enjoy the natural environment. He is a teacher and also a musician.

is an Artist and educator. She loves meditation, dharma study and teaching and manifesting the Bodhisattva Ideal. Her connections with Sudarshanaloka Retreat Centre extend back to the very beginning, and was instrumental in documenting and communicating the Vision


RATNAVYUHA  teaches at the Auckland Buddhist Centre and regularly leads retreats at Sudarshanaloka. He discovered the Triratna Buddhist Order in 1992 and has since dedicated his energies to dharma practice and helping others. He tries to make dharma practice less mysterious, more life changing. He has attended many retreats at Sudarshanaloka and has a deep connection to the land there.


PLEASE NOTE Our Donation link is under construction, please contact us on +64 (0)7 868 5341 or email sudarshanaloka@gmail.com  in the interim for details on how to donate to Sudarshanaloka

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