What is Sudarshanaloka? 

"Sudarshanaloka" means "Land of Beautiful (or Happy) Vision"   this Vision is not just about the beautiful view of the hills and water and native bush,  "Beautiful Vision" is also about Sangha working together to manifest their shared vision through collective work and practise...not just some abstract unreachable beauty, but the beauty of Sangha.

Sudarshanaloka is a Mandala of different people and activities including the Retreat Centre and resident Community;  Lotus Realm Gift and Music shop in Thames; Buddhaloka, the Buddhist Centre in Thames Township (upstairs in the Post office building); Buddhafield, an outreach and Festival team and a network of friendships that spreads across New Zealand and across the World which is the Triratna Buddhist Community

This Mandala grows with each person who forms a spiritual connection with Sudarshanaloka, whether by coming on Retreat, visiting the Community or maybe helping out in some other area. This mandala includes YOU TOO! Sudarshanaloka is all about POTENTIAL and working together to MANIFEST our shared ideals, this IS our Practise! Come and Practise with us.

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SPRING HAS SPRUNG up the Valley, cold nights, sunny days and new growth everywhere. If you feel like Spring-cleaning your psyche, book in  for a Solo Retreat, or come on one of the upcoming house retreats!

sudarshanaloka@gmail.com with Booking enquiries.


NEW SOLO RETREAT CABIN OPENED:  the long anticipated new Cabin with the working title of 'Taraire' has been dedicated, and in One Years time a Buddhist name will be selected once people have had a chance to view and use the Cabin and see what suits. It is already proving to be a popular addition to our facilities, and is already booked up until Feb 2015. Many thanks to the donor of the initial funds, Andrew Crowe, and to Taranatha and others for the additional funds raised to complete it. Thanks also the all of the builders and volunteers to worked on it over the years. It has evolved into a wonderful space(see some photos in the Slideshow further down the page!). The Landscaping around the hut is still to be developed.

HOUSE RETREATS: The Community has been kept busy with more Retreats being held through the Winter than usual, which is fantastic and also challenging at times due to the weather. Well done to the Retreatants who braved chilly weather to enjoy the Retreats on offer! The log burner in the house was a welcome focal point. The Solar Batteries have pretty much reached the end of their very long lives and the development of a new Solar set-up for the House is a priority, advice has been sought about various options. On the positive side Solar Technology has really developed in leaps and bounds and is much more efficient now, and a proper set-up would provide adequate power for larger retreats, reducing petrol generator costs and some gas usage. If you are interested in this project contact the Sudarshanaloka Management Team.

THE DHARMA ROAD: Some urgent patching on the Dharma Road near the Red Shed has been done, but there are now many parts of the road that need re grading and gravelling, and possibly concreting. Various solutions are under consideration, and will no doubt be needing some funds. Please enquire of the Management Team if you may be able to help with this. In the meantime, car traffic has been minimised in the roughest areas.

Donations and practical help with labour/ equipment and services are always needed

please call 07 868 5341 or email sudarshanaloka@gmail.com for bank account details and tax deductible donation receipts.



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Ph 07 868 5341  Fax 07 868 5346  


714 Pollen St, Thames

DANA DRIVE NOW ON! Lotus Realm supports Sudarshanaloka in various ways, but also is a focus for building Sangha in Thames. We also support other local Community and school activities in the area.

If you would like to support us to continue our charitable work, please consider donating goods to our Dana Drive (if you are Spring cleaning!), we have a van and can collect in the Auckland and Waikato areas.

You can also use us to sell you goods on commission, or you could come and give us a hand sometime.

Give us a call on 07 8686 5341 if you think you would like to help out.

Come and see us if you are in Thames!

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+64 (0)78685340 Retreat Centre Community

+64 (0)78685341 Lotus Realm Office


Snail Mail: PO Box 538, Thames 3540, N.Z.

Hi! I'm Andrea the Office Ninja for Lotus Realm (and interim Admin for Sudarshanaloka)... I volunteer to keep this .ning site updated. PLEASE contact me at

lotusrealmtraders@gmail.com  with any EVENTS / RETREATS/ INFORMATION that needs listing on this site!



BHADRAKARI loves being on Retreat, and enjoys engaging Creative Mind in a playful expression of the Dharma. She is based in Auckland and loves clowning and playing


NAVACHITTA          Currently working as an Alcohol and Drug Counsellor.  In June of 2011 she began running the Buddhist Recovery Network at the Auckland Buddhist Centre. She has decided to defer her own Enlightenment until all living beings attain it

NITYADANA lives in Thames and is very involved in practical ways supporting Sudarshanaloka and also at Buddhaloka, where he regularly runs Monday Sangha nights. He loves meditation, music and poetry and also tinkering with mechanical things.

SILARATNA lives in Gisbourne and loves visiting Sudarshanaloka when he can to be on retreat with Sangha and enjoy the natural environment. He is a teacher and also a musician.

PRAJNALILA is an Artist and educator. She loves meditation, dharma study and teaching and manifesting the Bodhisattva Ideal. Her connections with Sudarshanaloka Retreat Centre extend back to the very beginning, and was instrumental in documenting and communicating the Vision

 RATNAVYUHA  teaches at the Auckland Buddhist Centre and regularly leads retreats at Sudarshanaloka. He discovered the Triratna Buddhist Order in 1992 and has since dedicated his energies to dharma practice and helping others. He tries to make dharma practice less mysterious, more life changing. He has attended many retreats at Sudarshanaloka and has a deep connection to the land there.

NAGABODHI is a senior member of the Triratna Buddhist Order and is  the President of the ABC and although based in the UK visits NZ every few years, and always enjoys reconnecting with the Sangha here.

VESSANTARA has been an Order member since 1974. He an author of several books, and in 2008 he spent over 3 years in meditation retreat in a wooden circus wagon in France. He has made several very successful visits to Triratna centres in Australasia before giving talks and leading retreats. This will be his first visit to NZ since 2001 and he is very much looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. He has a website at www.vessantara.net

VIJAYAMALA has been exploring how to keep meditation alive and relevant for more than 30 years. She was ordained in 1992 and worked to set up and run Buddhist Right Livelihood businesses and communities for many years.  For the last 12 years she has been focusing more exclusively on meditation practice. Since coming back from her 3-year retreat 3 years ago she  teaches full time within Triratna. She is very much looking forward to connecting up with the sangha in this part of the world and sharing some very useful practice tools that she has been working with

NATALIE GRACE has been involved with the Triratna Buddhist Community since 1999 and is in training for ordination.. She is on the meditation teaching team at the Auckland Buddhist Centre and is also Centre Manager. She loves being involved in the grass roots of creating a vibrant spiritual centre. She has attended many retreats at Sudarshanaloka and has a very strong connection with the place.


PLEASE NOTE Our Donation link is under construction, please contact us on +64 (0)7 868 5341 or email sudarshanaloka@gmail.com  in the interim for details on how to donate to Sudarshanaloka

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